Our Story

The concept of Medikids, like so many great ideas, was born from necessity. In 2009, after being unable to find a way to identify her new baby’s medical condition and medications, Lisa Cords took matters into her own hands and created Medikids products.

As Lisa, a single woman, was preparing to adopt her baby girl, Lily, she learned that Lily had a serious and life-threatening heart defect that would require open heart surgery after her birth. Lily was born April 9, 2009, and that day had her first heart procedure, followed by open heart surgery six days later. Within days, doctors discovered another condition, which required an additional surgery.


At two and a half weeks old and having undergone several successful procedures, Lily was released from the hospital. With the many heart medications her daughter would require, Lisa realized she needed a way to alert people – at a glance – of Lily’s condition in the event of an accident or other situation when Lisa wasn’t present or was incapacitated. Finding nothing safe and suitable on the market, Lisa developed her own products.

Now the same solution that has given Lisa peace of mind can do the same for parents around the globe.

We Save Time When It Matters Most!