Small Bag

Small Bag


10”L x 6”W x 6”L

* Tag sold separately

  • Small Bag

    Our small bag is designed to store medications in one place. This  bag is literally a life saver! In the event of an emergency, it is easily grabbed, eliminating the chance of medical error through adverse drug interactions. We save time when time matters most! 


    The bag has two zippered compartments on each side, which fully zip open making it easy to access medications. The design makes air travel and going through TSA inspections a snap.


    It is made of durable nylon on the exterior, which is stain and water resistant. The interior is a fine weave nylon, which is also stain and water resistant for ease of care. The bag is divided into two zippered compartments on either side which open flat allowing easy access to medications. Each side has four mesh pockets designed to hold pill bottles, liquid medications, supplements, and other items that need to be safely stored.


    The interior zip flaps have two clear plastic pockets designed to hold cold packs/my chart print outs, the bags are insulated, and are designed to have everything in an organized easy-to-transport bag. Elastic loops on each side of the bag are designed to hold an EpiPen/tubing/syringes or other items.